Complete your history

Tell stories in an innovative way about your artworks, your visits to museums, galleries.

Build tracks and share so people can see your experience in place.

If you are an artist, museum or gallery, you can tell stories in a unique way.

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Share and perpetuate

Stories App let you share and perpetuate the stories of your artworks, architecture, books, and more!

You can produce short themed stories for each audience or part of an exhibition, for example.

With Stories App

you create little stories

and involves your audience.

Create a history of the artwork, information that is important to the audience.

Everything is connected with Collect, our private management app.

Your story
Artyou Stories is the simplest, most innovative and quickest way for you to tell the stories behind your personal collection, your art objects, your memories.
Artists can tell stories about their artworks in a way that connects the audience and engages them. Create connections with your audience in your exhibitions!
Galleries can use Artyou Stories to innovate in communication. Within the exhibition space, you can create a path according to the vision of the curator, another path by the vision of the artist, etc. The idea is to engage the public in discovering unique stories in different ways.
Museums of any size can innovate communication with your audience. If you have an educational team, Stories can be a way to get visitors to focus on the subject. Put audio, videos, photos. If you are a small museum, you can use the Stories as a facilitator, it is effective and cheap! Use the Stories as discussion promoters or skewed subjects. Put tracks to be followed and make a new way to read the exhibition, in the same environment.

QR Code

With the QR Code, you create information from the artwork registered in Collect, automatically.

You can create a QR Code for a single artwork, or you can create a Storie with multiple objects in sequence.

Place the QR Code at the entrance of the exhibition and your audience will be able to interact with the artworks they like!


Stories App is geolocated, you can access the information wherever you are!

If you do not want to put QR codes, but want to make your Stories available to the public, the visitor will access them when they are registered.

Use to make Stories of your exhibitions anywhere!

Hidden Stories

If you want to approach a specific topic and want your visitor to interact only when they are present, hide from the timeline and offer a QR Code to access the information