• 2014Artyou Creation

    Historian and curator Douglas Negrisolli idealizes Artyou Global as an innovative startup model, out of a need for galleries, museums, artists, curators, producers.
  • 2014Our first logo

  • 2016Alpha

    In the middle of 2016 we produced an Alpha that was sent to artists who tested and approved the idea of sharing artwork with the production of the exhibition.
  • 2016Angel Investment

    We received an angel investment from two private investors. Together, the investment is almost USD$450.000,00, a record for an early stage startup in Brazil.
  • 2016Artyou Beta

    In late 2016 we launched webapp beta for artists and people interested in using Artyou
  • 2016New Logo

    At the end of 2016, our new visual identity was launched. Made by TUAGENCIA, the new logo brings Art, and the point inside the board, which is you!
  • 2017ARTCHYP

    In January 2017, we launched the smartphone apps that made up the Artyou Global software family, with the innovation of ARTCHYP. artchyp
  • 2017Artyou Stories

    In October 2017 we launched Artyou Stories. An innovative way to tell information about artworks, history and memory. With Stories maker, museums can transmit information from the same register, and make visitors interact with precious information about the object.

  • 2018Innovation Awards Latam

    In May 2018 we were nominated as semi-finalists in the Innovation Awards Latam!
  • 2018Lecture with ICAE

    In September 2018, we participated with ICAE of the II International Congress of Expertise of Art, talking about how Artyou was created and thought.

  • 2019New site

    In May 2019 we launched our new artyou.global website and the new app-split services paradigm. The app family becomes clearer and we continue to build new features and completely redesign the Productivity app. newlogos
  • 2019Microsoft Partner

    Em setembro de 2019, o Artyou Global inicia a parceria no Microsoft Partners, See more artchyp