See how ARTCHYP works for you

We have developed an exclusive system with labels that are read with any smartphone with NFC (Apple, only iPhones 7, 7 Plus and superiors), so that all that have contact with the object can interact easily

See how each one interacts

Save time! Interact with your own artwork and have ARTCHYP with all the information. Use your smartphone to make your day-to-day life easier!
Save time! Use ARTCHYP to facilitate entry and exit of works. Manage all information simply and quickly. Interact with curators, producers, conveyors, assemblers and etc.
Optimize your collection! With ARTCHYP your museum is organized and you will know exactly which paths the work has done, which relationships it has had, which people have been involved in a restoration or conservation procedure.
Add value to your artwork! All events can be added by users like curators, restorers, framers, art conservators easily. Ask them to interact in their works of art, acquiring a unique history, which can not be erased nor done with retroactive date.
5Carriers and Insurance Companies
Optimize time! With the ARTCHYP that are disposable, you use it out of the pack and know before opening it exactly what it is. Make inbound and outbound interactions so your client knows exactly where the work is on the road, or to keep track of an insurer's need.
6Curators and producers
Save time! In montages and interactions, find precious information by scanning ARTCHYP and see photos, assembly, additional information and much more!
7Restorers and Conservatives
Your ever present work! Use the Artyou Productivity app to take photos, attach to the art object, restore processes, important information and never miss out on any information. Make custom interactions and leave your virtual mark on the object
8Molders and assemblers
See assembly attachments and have all the information at hand. Get in touch with ARTCHYP in our exclusive Productivity app

For each application, there is a special ARTCHYP

The adhesives for internal use, behind a chassis, for example. We have the armor that can stand outside fixed to a garden sculpture. There are non-abrasives for historical

Use ARTCHYP with the Productivity app: Collect.

With the app, you record ARTCHYPs on the spot, without reworking.

Combines information in the cloud with the physical object and accesses quickly

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