Artyou exclusive

Your mark eternalized
in every artwork


We developed an exclusive system with labels that are read with any smartphone with NFC (Apple only iPhones 7, 7 Plus and higher), all that have contact with the work can interact easily. See how each one interacts.

Save time!

Interact with your own artwork and have the ARTCHYP with all the information. Use your smartphone to make your day-to-day life easier!

Save time!

Use the ARTCHYP to facilitate the entry and exit of the works. Manage all the information in a simple and fast way. Interact with curators, producers, curators, assemblers and etc.

Optimize the information of objects and artworks!

With the ARTCHYP your museum is organized and you will know exactly what paths the work has done, what relationships it had, which people have been involved in a restoration or conservation procedure.

Add value to your objects and artworks!

All events can be added by users like curators, restorers, framers, art conservators easily. Ask them to interact in the artwork, acquiring a unique history that can not be erased or retroactively dated.

Save time!

With ARTCHYP that are disposable, you use it out of the box and know before you open exactly what it is. Make inbound and outbound interactions so your client knows exactly where the work is on the road, or to keep track of an insurer's need.

Save time!

In productions and interactions, find precious information by scanning the ARTCHYP and see photos, assembly, additional information and much more!

Seu trabalho não se perde!

Use o app Artyou Produtividade para tirar fotos, anexar ao objeto de arte, processos de restauro, informações importantes e nunca perca nenhuma informação. Faça interações personalizadas e deixe sua marca virtual no objeto

Save time!

See assembly attachments and have all the information at hand. Interact with ARTCHYP in our exclusive Productivity app

We have the exclusive way to manage your Artworks, objects, archives and much more

Use Artyou productivity app to scan and interact with ARTCHYP.

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